Selected Publications

Forthcoming. "The Conditional Effectiveness of Legislative Threats: How Court-curbing Alters the Behavior of (Some) Supreme Court Justices." with Michael Zilis. Political Research Quarterly (PDF)
- Discussed in Pacific Standard Here, and in the London School of Economics USAPP Blog Here
- Online Appendix here
- Please email for replication materials; will be posted here upon print publication.

2018. "Blurring Institutional Boundaries: Judges' Perceptions of Threats to Judicial Independence." wth Michael Zilis. Journal of Law and Courts 6(2): 333-353 (PDF)

2018.  “Restraining the Court: Assessing Accounts of Congressional Attempts to Limit Supreme Court Authority.” with Michael Zilis.  Legislative Studies Quarterly. 43(1): 141-169 (PDF)

2018. “Trial and Error: Lawyers and Nonlawyer Advocates.” with Colleen Shanahan and Anna Carpenter.  Law and Social Inquiry 42(4):1023-1057. (PDF)

2016. "Lawyers, Power, and Strategic Expertise" with Anna Carpenter (Tulsa Law)  and Colleen Shanahan (Georgetown Law) Denver Law Review. 93(2): 469-521. (PDF)
- Featured on Jotwell

2015. “Legal Elites and Public Perceptions of the Supreme Court: Is the Supreme Court a ‘Political’ Institution?” with Brandon Bartels and Chris Johnston. Law and Society Review 49(3): 761-794. (PDF)

2014.  "Stepping on Congress: Courts, Congress, and Inter-institutional Politics" with Forrest Maltzman, Charles Shipan, and Michael Zilis. Journal of Law and Courts 2(2): 219-240. (PDF)

Selected Working Projects
Please email for working drafts.

Representation in Context: Party Power and Lawyer Expertise; a book project with Anna Carpenter (Tulsa Law) and Colleen Shanahan (Temple Law) 

Individual Roots of Institutional Conflict: Origins and Consequences of Congressional Threats to the Supreme Court; a book project with Michael Zilis (University of Kentucky)

"Studying the "New" Civil Judges" with Anna Carpenter, Colleen Shanahan, and Jessica Steinberg (George Washington Law)

"Seeing the Law from All Sides: Judges’ Perspectives on Inter-branch Public Service" 
         -- supported by the Edward M. Kennedy Institute
         -- Featured in the Washington Post's Monkey Cage Blog

"Civil Legal Services as a Site of Civic Learning."
         -- supported by the National Science Foundation

11th Annual Bellow Scholar Workshop @ Southern Clinical Conference; University of South Carolina School of Law

11th Annual Bellow Scholar Workshop @ Southern Clinical Conference; University of South Carolina School of Law