At North Central College, I offer the following courses:
PSC 101 - Introduction to American Politics
PSC 103 - Introduction to Law
PSC 200 - Introduction to Political Science
PSC 335/6 - Constitutional Law I - Separation of Powers & II - Rights and Liberties
PSC 490 - Senior Seminar in Political Science - Law, Politics, and Society
IDS 125 - The Politics of Disaster 

At GWU, I served as a TA in introductory American politics, media and politics, judicial politics, and public opinion.  I have also developed course material and lectured at a similar grade level for the National Student Leadership Conference's U.S. Policy and Politics Program, held each summer in Washington, D.C.

In the classroom, I believe in a participatory and interactive learning experience that seeks to develop intellectual skills, like critical thinking and thoughtful analysis.  Additionally, I seek to promote social responsibility among my students through civically engaging coursework that encourages intercultural understanding.  This simplified version of my teaching philosophy guides my course development. 

Before graduate school, I was a long-term substitute teacher in AP Biology and Physical Science, as well as general special education in high schools in Madison County, IL.