Selected Publications

Forthcoming. “Blurring Institutional Boundaries: Judges’ Perceptions of Threats to Judicial Independence.”  with Michael Zilis. Journal of Law and Courts.

2018.  “Restraining the Court: Assessing Accounts of Congressional Attempts to Limit Supreme Court Authority.” with Michael Zilis.  Legislative Studies Quarterly. 43(1): 141-169

2018. “Trial and Error: Lawyers and Nonlawyer Advocates.” with Colleen Shanahan and Anna Carpenter.  Law and Social Inquiry.

2016. "Lawyers, Power, and Strategic Expertise" with Anna Carpenter (Tulsa Law)  and Colleen Shanahan (Georgetown Law) Denver Law Review. 93(2): 469-521.
- Featured on Jotwell

2015. “Legal Elites and Public Perceptions of the Supreme Court: Is the Supreme Court a ‘Political’ Institution?” with Brandon Bartels and Chris Johnston. Law and Society Review 49(3): 761-794. 

2014.  "Stepping on Congress: Courts, Congress, and Inter-institutional Politics" with Forrest Maltzman, Charles Shipan, and Michael Zilis. Journal of Law and Courts 2(2): 219-240.

Selected Working Projects
Please do not cite without authors' permission.

Representation in Context: Party Power and Lawyer Expertise; a book project with Anna Carpenter (Tulsa Law) and Colleen Shanahan (Temple Law) 

Individual Roots of Institutional Conflict: Origins and Consequences of Congressional Threats to the Supreme Court; a book project with Michael Zilis (University of Kentucky)

"Studying the "New" Civil Judges" with Anna Carpenter, Colleen Shanahan, and Jessica Steinberg (George Washington Law)

"The Conditional Effectiveness of Legislative Threats: How Court-curbing Alters the Behavior of (Some) Supreme Court Justices" (under review), with Michael Zilis

"Seeing the Law from All Sides: Judges’ Perspectives on Inter-branch Public Service" 
         -- supported by the Edward M. Kennedy Institute
         -- Featured in the Washington Post's Monkey Cage Blog

"Civil Legal Services as a Site of Civic Learning."
         -- supported by the National Science Foundation